• A day at Nanhu Park



    It may come as a shock but many civiliations outside the United States loves to go outdoors.  Eastern Europeans love to hike, Southern Europeans like to sail and the Chinese love their parks.  Be it early morning for a TaiChi session, afternoon for some boating or chilling in a inflatable tube, or even at night for a walk in the brisk weather.  NanHu Park is a huge park extremely close to the Nanhu campus.  Take the North exit, cross the street and there you are!  At the southern most edge that is, and the fence is dotted with little openings for you to enter.

    Things to do at the park:

    You can rent a paddle or an electric boat.  Walk around the lake (which is pretty big), or sit in a giant inflatable tube.  With some friends you can rent some cycles (seating from 2 to 4 people, in a 2x2 build).  Theres many places to skate, fly a kite or grab some lunch.  You can rent skates. 

    The trade mark of the park is the xiaokuzi or small pants.  Its more like a giant M that is a memorial.  The park is especially beautiful during the Spring (which in Changchun lasts a month).