• Other Deatils about the Getting Started



    Here's a checklist of what should happen at the start of the Term (modify to suit your needs).  Make sure you double check the list of things you need to bring that your advisor should have sent you, or you recieved upon acceptance.


    1. Dorm Registration
    2. Turning in Paper Work for registration
    3. Register for Classes
    4. Set up bank account
    5. Get a Physical
    6. Register Housing with Police
    7. Pay for Internet
    8. Pick up Student card

    Even if you are studying with a scholarship, it is necessary for you to bring money with you because you will not recieve your first "scholar" or "fee" until the 12th of the month.  Yes, they call it a fee, but you will be recieving the money.  Heres yet another list:

    Actual Fees:

    1. Dorm Deposit: 200 rmb
    2. Internet: 160-260 rmb
    3. Books 200 rmb
    4. Bank card and 1 rmb deposit: 21 rmb
    5. Food until you get paid: X (meals cost 7rmb w/o a drink)

    Other fees include electricity.  Every month your room is credited with 90 rmb for electricity, if you exceed this amount you will be charged for however much you exceeded.  You keep track of this using your electricity card you recieve at the front desk or your roommate has.