• Some more pictures


    Here are a few more pictures from around Jilin:

    From Nan hu Campus

    One Cafeteria on the Main Campus

    A Dance outfit in China

  • A day at Nanhu Park


    It may come as a shock but many civiliations outside the United States loves to go outdoors.  Eastern Europeans love to hike, Southern Europeans like to sail and the Chinese love their parks.  Be it early morning for a TaiChi session, af...
  • Some Pics


    Here are some pictures from various places in China.

    My dorm room:

    Some Others and The Chan Man:

    The Amount of room on a hard sleeper on a train....

  • Here's a checklist of what should happen at the start of the Term (modify to suit your needs).  Make sure you double check the list of things you need to bring that your advisor should have sent you, or you recieved upon acceptance.

  • JiLin University is located in the city of Chanchun in the North-Eastern reaches of China, located with the Jilin provence which boreders Inner Mongolia, Russia and North Korea.  You will be a part of the 59,000 students enrolled on campus, o...